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Not All Websites Are Built The Same

We design websites for conversions.l

The web is noisy and it’s easy for your website to get lost among the competition.

If your website isn’t making you money it really is useless to your business. We can help…

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Today’s Websites Built For Lead Generation & Conversions.

Atlanta web design & digital marketing company specializing in lead generation. A website has just one job and that’s to get your visitors to convert to paying clients or to buy your products.

Sure you want it to be pretty and maybe have your favorite color scheme.

But at the end of the day, the most important thing is it leads the user to want to do business with your company?


A website needs four key ingredients for it to do it’s job.

Step 1

A fast and responsive website will keep your users engaged.

Having a fast website will lower your bounce rate and keep users on your website longer.

The longer they stay on your website the more likely they will convert.

52% of all Atlanta web design traffic comes from a mobile device in 2018 and is sure to grow in 2019.

Step 2

Make a great first impression and keep things tidy.

If you want your potential customers to know you mean business have a professionally designed website.

Keep it clean and simple with lots of room between sections and elements.

Providing a good user experience is essential to converting new visitors.

Step 3

Your website should be easy to navigate and lead the user to important key pages like the contact page, products & services pages.

These are where you’re most likely to convert them.

Make it as easy as possible for your users to get in touch and to buy from you.

Step 4

Set specific goals and lead your visitor to those goals. Is your main goal to have them give you an email address for future marketing?

Maybe a strategy call is your main objection? How about offering them a free digital download?

The best way to acheive this is with a call to action.

You should strategically place your CTA’s along with a strong headline and supporting text to define the visitors needs.  

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We use only the best Atlanta web design tools

From landing pages to e-commerce WordPress all the way.



WordPress is an open source CMS and it runs 30% of all websites on the web. Pretty impressive huh?

html developer


Hypertext Markup Language, used for structuring your website pages.



Cascading Style Sheets makes the design stand out and pretty.



JavaScript is a programming language for the web used to make webpages interactive.

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“We hired Scott to revamp our old website design. He not only did a great job we are now seeing almost 52% more web traffic. “

– April Jenson

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