What Google Reviews Can Do For Your Business

I have found that by focusing on Google reviews for my business, it does help other new customers find me.

Reviews can be authoritative for your business as your more likely to convert a new customer from a referral source.

That’s what Google reviews do for your business. It is a way for your customers to let the world know how great you are.

Reviews give you and your business credibility and can show your local community your focus is on great customer experiences.

The best thing about getting your customers to leave you a top-notch review is it doesn’t cost you a penny as a business owner. 

When someone leaves you a new review in Google, Yelp, or any other online directory, it helps with your local SEO marketing

Google puts your reviews just under your search title for the world to see. So make sure you always strive for 5-stars.

Do Google Reviews For My Business Help?

The best and shortest answer to the question is yes, Google reviews are great for your business data-preserver-spaces=”true”>. Over 72% of people say they find a local shop from their online reviews.

Google reviews for my business can help:

  1. Build authority
  2. Influences brand trust
  3. Sends local SEO signals
  4. Gives you FREE exposure
  5. Helps with showing in the Google map pack
 Build Authority

When it comes to marketing online for small business’s authority goes a long way. When search engines see people are taking notice of you, they will reward you with higher domain authority. 

Helping you rise in search inquiries in Google and other search engines. Some call this authority hacking, and the more people see you, know you, and trust you online, the better.

If someone searches for a plumber in Newark, NJ, and sees you on multiple pages with great reviews, they will think of you as the authority in plumbing.

Search engine optimization along with an enhanced setup of Google my business is a great place to start for your local business marketing.

Need help with SEO & setting up a Google my business page? Start here

Influences Brand Trust

I’m a big believer that your brand takes a long time to develop, but Google reviews can influence your brand trust fast.

Influencer marketing is becoming a big deal with consumers everywhere. There are even social media influencers that get paid big money to review and refer small businesses on their networks.

Brand influence should be taken very seriously when marketing your company.

Send Local SEO Signals

Local SEO is essential for small businesses because it helps you show up when customers are looking for your products and services.

Without local SEO, your company may be losing sales and revenues to your competitors.

Google reviews come from your GMB (Google My Business) page. So naturally, when someones leave you a great review, Google knows right away. 

The more 5-star reviews you receive, the more Google lifts you in rankings.

Gives You FREE Exposure

The greatest part of setting up Google My Business and having your customers leave reviews is it’s totally FREE.

Yes, you read that correctly! Google offers these services to every local business with a name, address, and phone number.

There are some steps you will have to take to set it up and optimize it but we can help if you contact us.

Google Search map pack
Helps With Showing In The Google Map Pack

If Google was dartboard the map pack would be the bullseye. It’s at the top of the first-page search results and the most clicked on for search results.


Every small local business should strive for Google maps three-pack. You will notice that Google list 3 websites based on their SEO, and Google My Business results. 

There is more that goes into getting into the map pack like citations signals, social signals, and a fast, optimized website

As we spoke before the authority, your company has from your online reviews plays a big part in getting into the maps three-pack. 

Getting customers to leave 5-star Google reviews for my business has been the best decision I have made in my marketing.

I do think you should start right now, making it a priority for your local small business.


Google Reviews For My Business

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