The New Google Site Kit Plugin For WordPress 

Google has done gone and done it again with their new site kit plugin for WordPress! I’m not sure why it has taken them so long, but we are super happy it is here now.

If you are a blogger or run a website for your small business, you should be familiar with the importance Google has on the success of your website an SEO (search engine optimization).

Google Site Kit Plugin For WordPress now allows you to keep track of your analytics right inside the dashboard of your WordPress website. 

No more having to go between multiple browser tabs when working on optimizing your site.

Although if you want a more in-depth view of your Google analytics, you will still want to login to the platform. The WordPress plugin will show you a snapshot of your new traffic.

The fun doesn’t stop with just analytics; you can connect more of Google’s products and services like Google search consoleGoogle AdSense, and Google Pagespeed.

Google Site Kit Plugin For WordPress Setup & Tutorial

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Why You Should Install The Google Analytics WordPress Plugin

Google is a trusted company and is the leader in online search browsers. It’s only natural that, as a small business owner, you would want to use their tools to help grow your online presence.

If you own a small business, then you understand that saving time and working more efficiently is essential. The new Google site kit plugin for WordPress will do just that.

Google Analytics

We all want more traffic to our websites. The tools Google has provided in the new WordPress plugin will help keep track of where the online traffic is coming from.

It also shows what pages and posts are doing well and which are not.

Google Search Conole

Hopefully, you are also connected to and using the Google Search Console for your website, as well.

Google Search Console allows you to submit new pages and posts once you have created them, letting Google know you are ready to index them.

Get notified when your website has errors and inspect your URL’s to make sure everything is working the way it should be.

Search console will help you understand which keywords are generating the most traffic for your website. The ones that are not getting much traffic, you can do content upgrades and other optimization techniques to improve traffic and rankings.


Google PageSpeed Insights

Google and other search engines love fast websites. It’s just good user experience, and no one wants to wait for a slow website to load.

With the new site kit plugin, you can run the page speed test right inside your WordPress dashboard. 

When optimizing your site for local SEO marketing, you will want the website to load in under 3 seconds

A fast website means a lower bounce rate and your readers will be more likely to stick around longer and visit more pages on your website. 

Google Adsense

Are you a blogger and dreamed of the freedom of monetizing your website? A great way to make money online is through ads and content marketing.

You can sign up for Google Adsense and connect it to your website using the Google site kit plugin.

Once a visitor is on your website and clicks on an ad, Google will pay you for the referral.

So Is The WordPress Plugin By Google Worth it? 

The site kit plugin is definitely worth the install. The only way to keep up with your competition is by keeping score. 

Knowing how your site is performing is a good start when it comes to ranking in search engines

The easy setup and convenience of having everything in one place makes Google site kit a no brainer.

If you like the idea of having all the Google tools in one place on your website, then download the Google site kit plugin here, and watch the video where I walk you through the install and setup process. 

Start tracking your analytics and insights today from the leading authority of the internet. 

Get all of the above with the new Google Site Kit Plugin for WordPress 

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