How Will You Stay Relevant In Business After COVID 19?

Just days after Governor Kemp takes the lead across America to reopen up small businesses in Georgia, consumers are taking much-needed precautions in the way they are purchasing again.

No matter if you agree with Kemps’s decision or not, businesses will have start reopening at some point.

My question to you, the small business owner, is will you be ready for the future of your business after COVID 19?

The landscape in which consumers will shop for your services and products doesn’t look like it used too.

We have seen it coming for the last few years, but no one was looking at the big picture.

Companies like Venmo, Facebook, Amazon, and Zoom have been setting the pace for what’s to come in a social distancing economy.

Big things are happening, and we need to think like crazy how we as small business owners will adapt to the new way of consumerism, or we will be left behind wondering, was that idea that crazy?

virtual consumer business after covid 19

Future Opportunities Ahead For New Business After COVID 19

Before I go into what small business owners can look forward to in the future, let me speak to you, the person who lost your job during the pandemic.

Right now is the most significant opportunity for you to make a change and help others while creating an online business for yourself.

Within the last month of people being quarantined, online traffic has quadrupled.

Information is the new commerce, and people are willing to pay to get it.

The need to start a subscription-based business or eCommerce business is here for the taken.

Look at the businesses that are more than surviving during this time they are thriving.

Amazon is an excellent example of what the future holds for us business owners and consumers alike.

They have created a subscription-based business that generates recurring revenue month over month.

Subscribers pay each month to be Prime members who give them access to streaming and savings on shipping and product prices purchased.

Do you see an opportunity where you could adopt this model for a new business online?

What You Should Do Right Now If You Own A Brick And Mortar Business?

First things first stop the panic and anxiety that is leading you to make the wrong decisions.

Use the fear you are experiencing to take action right now to make sure your existing business makes it out alive.

If we have learned anything from the Corona Virus outbreak, it’s that people want to continue to support you and your business.

Allow them to do so even if they can’t physically visit your business.

Online is where you want to meet your customers right now.

I know it’s not the same as face to face, but it’s what we have at the moment.

It will be the future, so it’s your job to create space online for consumers.


fear is fuel for your business
Where To Start Right Now With Your Website
  1. Create a business website that is a virtual representation of your brick and mortar site. A consumer should be able to do business with you 24 hours a day.
  2. You should have your services and products available for purchase online pre-store visits. eCommerce is the future.
  3. Gift cards are essential right now focus on making them available to your customers.
  4. Virtual chat and video conferencing will be the new way to contact you and consult with customers. Make sure it is available on your website.
  5. Payment portals on your website will allow customers to pay you for goods and services and spend less time at the store.
  6. Scheduling online service calls and appointments will increase, so be ready with a calender on site.
  7. Offer the ability to dropship products to your customer’s door.
  8. Email isn’t dead! Having your customer’s email has never been more important to keep them informed of promotions and changes in your business if you don’t have a list starting now is a great idea.
  9. Link your social media accounts to your website. Start promoting using both tools together to keep your customers up to date and informed. Have the ability to purchase through social media as well.
  10. Start blogging about anything and everything related to your business. Make it a priority weekly.
Online marketing business after covid 19

Marketing Your Local Small Business After COVID 19

Let’s say you own a local restaurant, and the Corona Virus pandemic has struck your business.

Like most, you do all you know to do and offer to pick up curbside to keep revenue coming in.

Besides putting a sign out by the road, how would you let your customers know that you are open and ready for business?

The competition is high in the restaurant business, and you need to compete.

Marketing ideas to consider when you need to communicate with customers and get the word out.


  • Google My Business – Google my business is one of the best resources for letting your community know you are open and have the goods they want and need. Start with Google My Business, and make sure your information is up to date with location, open hours, specials you are offering. You can post on GMB, just like blogging. When a customer searches for restaurants open near me, you will come up, and they will see what you have to offer them.
  • Google SEO –  We talked about websites earlier and the importance of them. But is your website optimized for Google SEO? Did you know Google scans your website to make sure the information is valuable and relevant before showing it to searchers? Make sure you are using the right keywords, and the content is relevant to your business.
  • Social Media Marketing – Hopefully, you have a Facebook page for your business, and your customers are connected. Facebook and Instagram are the same so that you can market to both at the same time. Utilize your Facebook business page to run small budget ads to get local customers to do business with you. Post regularly with updates, promotions, and safety procedures you have put into place for the future.
  • Chatbots and Video Marketing – Yes, this is a thing of the future, and you will want to make sure when someone lands on your website or social media page, you are there to help customers. People are more likely to make contact through an online chat than by phone nowadays. Look at the medical field right now. Virtual video doctor office visits are the norm right now, and soon it will be your business as well.
most people succeed because they are determined

Moving Forward From Today Means Leaving Yesterday Behind Us

Some will read this article and move on. Some will read it and take action toward creating a new business model to succeed in the future.

If you think your business is different and you know your customers like you think you do, you will be wrong, my friend.

You are not special and neither is your old way of doing business.

It’s a new era and your competition gets it, your staff and employees see it, and most of all your customers understand it.

The most important thing you can do right now is to sit down and plan out a new game plan.

  1. What does the process look like for doing business with your company?
  2. How will your employees serve your customers safely and efficiently?
  3. What does the checkout process look like?
  4. What’s the best way to communicate with customers?
  5. How will you deliver goods and services in a new economy?

I have good news for you!

You don’t have to do it alone. Not everyone is up to speed with online technology I get it. Luckily You know someone now who can help put the new systems to work for you.

Let us set up a call or video chat with you.

A no-obligation free 30 minute chat in on where you can start today to make sure your customers are finding you and continuously buying from you. Free 30 Minute Call

I’m here to help you and your business, the next move is yours.

Will you be the one in business after COVID 19 is gone?

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