Are Your Sales Down? Has Your Website Stopped Converting New Business?

It might be time for a new website redesign in Atlanta.

If you have seen a decline in your sales and revenue, and your Atlanta website isn’t converting new customers, you might need a website redesign.

When someone shows up on your site, you only have seconds to grab their attention. If your website is out of date and super slow to load you might need a website redesign.

A new website redesign optimized for sales could be just what your business needs going into the new year. In this article, we will cover everything that goes into redesigning a website plus how to outperform your Atlanta GA competition.

When Is A Good Time For A Website Redesign Atlanta?

No one answer fits all for when to redesign your site. Every situation is different, but the best way to start is with a website audit from a digital marketing company.

When to redesign your site:

If any of the above are relevant to your website, it’s probably time to redesign your current site.

Where To Start When Planning Atlanta Web Design?

Just like building a house or planning an event, you should start a redesign with a plan of action.

Sit down, open your browser, and pull up your current website.

With a pen and paper, go through your existing website and write out your first impressions.

Put yourself in a visitor’s perspective and not as the owner.

It’s not about what you like or think is best but more about what would someone visiting your website want.

  • Start with the user experience, did the website load quickly?
  • Was it easy to find contact information in the header?
  • Did you have a call to action in the header?
  • Are you speaking to your customer’s needs right away?

If you need help with a new Atlanta marketing website plan contact one of our strategists for a FREE 30-minute call.

Website Audit For Your Current Atlanta Website

It’s essential that before you dive into a full website redesign, you know how your current site content is doing.

A professional web design & SEO agency can give you a targeted report that show’s you accurately what pages are ranking in Google and are getting the most traffic online.

Once you know what content is performing well, you can design your new website with a focus on conversion rate optimization.

Have Google Search Console & Analytics connected to your site will help you keep up with where your traffic comes from, how long the user is on your website, and what devises they are viewing the site.

All are important when considering revamping your Atlanta GA website design.

You can get a free onsite website audit. Just contact Wayout Digital today.

Your Company Website Brand Identity

We are a believer that companies should focus on sales over branding.

The brand will come as time goes on. Every company needs sales to operate. 

A lot of new Atlanta small business owners put too much attention on brand creation.

Is it the fun part of starting a business, right?

Because we are doing a redesign on your already established website, we will assume you have developed a working brand identity.

So what goes into a great branded website?
  • It tells your company story right away
  • Has consistency throughout
  • Using clear and precise images
  • Modern Logo Design
  • Should speak to visitors needs
  • Share core values
  • Be creative or be conservative just be consistent


Start With A Strong Homepage Website Redesign

If you are not ready to jump into a complete Atlanta web design project, you could start with a new homepage redesign.

The main landing page called the homepage is your first impression of prospected customers.

It’s a great place to start incorporating your branding and the principal value proposition.


Create a firm header that tells the visitor right away what your company can do for them. Add a CTA (call to action) that tells them what to do next.

Start Your Funnel

Just below the header offer them something for free. We call this a value latter where we start a lead generation funnel.

The point is to start by giving them something of value for free and then scale up by nurturing the user through email marketing.

We have our “5 Ways to Increase Your Sales In The Next 90 Days” it’s our gift to our subscribers who are serious about scaling their sales and revenue with their local business.

Give them your best sales pitch

Next, give me your best sales pitch but be careful where a lot of small businesses go wrong here is they speak too much about themselves.

I hate to break it to you, but no one wants to hear about all about you and your successes out the gate. Tell the visitor what you as a company can do for them.

Be Specific

  1. Ask specific questions that get their attention.
  2. Start with a Strong headline that stops them and makes them read what you have to offer.
  3. Space things out, so it’s easy to read.
  4. Add images that tell a story of what it looks like to work with you.


What’s better than tooting your own horn? Having your customers do it for you.

Hopefully, you have your business website connected to Google My Business Marketing. If not, we have a blog article on how to set it up for you.

So take some of your 5-star reviews and post them in a section on your homepage. If you can get your customers to do a video testimonial, that would be even better.

Products & Services

Feature your most valuable products and services next. Don’t overdo it by trying to list everything you offer right away.

Each one should link to its own page creating a sitemap for your users.

The trick is to keep your visitor on your website as long as you can.


If you think you have it in you start a blog and become the authority in your industry. Showcase the most current articles on your homepage.

I suggest if you start a blog to be consistent and post at least once a month. Use SEO keywords to help people searching the web for your services or niche can find you.

You can outsource this if you are not sure you want to take it on yourself.

Contact us for content marketing services we offer at a reasonable price.


Be sure to include a contact section so it’s easy to email you right away. Go beyond your run of the mill name, email, and leave a message.

Have a series of questions about why someone might contact you. This works great for us on our homepage but you can run A/B test to see what converts the best for you.


In your footer, you can make it simple with name, address, phone number, and a map. If you are doing strategic SEO on your new website you might want to create a secondary menu and a sitemap.

Doing a national or Local SEO campaign you can add a website silo that links all the locations that you serve.

These are just some suggestions on how you can start your homepage redesign for better performance and conversions.

For a more in-depth evaluation of your current homepage or website give us a call +1-(404)599-2586

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